Transcontinental Enterprises works for the introduction of best international technologies for clean and green environment in India.

  • After location of a technology, we work upon its feasibility and viability in India and support its indegenisation with its promoters and investors.
  • Some of the technologies related to recycling of construction waste and debris.
  • Specialized incineration with heat recovery systems to almost zero emissions.
  • Composting technologies of various types suitable to different local conditions.
  • Hazardous and Bio-Medical Waste
  • Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste and reclamation of land.
  • Manufacturing of clean coal from waste materials.
  • E-Waste Management.
  • Non-Conventional and alternate energies like solar technologies etc.
  • We are proposing Agri-based technologies for increasing the yield.
  • Dialogs for suitable technologies with many International Companies and R&D Centers are in the process.
  Our Associates  
CHUBU Ecotec Co. Ltd.
EIWAT Co. Ltd.
Converting Waste to Wealth
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Aono-Shokai Incinerator
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